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Jan 31, 2020


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Teddy Dupay

We have some very exciting things happening! 

Like we love to say @ #TDBA - "WE Have #MOMENTUM and #MOMENTUM is REAL!"

Here's whats coming up.

UPDATE #1 TDBA Field Trip to University of Florida Basketball Game - 

 CLICK HERE -SIGN UP - https://teddydupay.com/events/florida-basketball-field-trip

This year is going to be absolutely incredible as the Gators are naming the court after my Coach when I played at UF, Billy Donovan. Coach Donovan is now the Head Coach for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder but he will always be a GATOR! 

 The game is sold out, the arena will be electric and this will be the type of environment that our kids and parents will remember for the rest of our lives! I am so thankful I get to share this type of experience with you and even more thankful you are a part of our TDBA Tribe! 

UPDATE #2 - New Night of Training!


Beginning on February 18 we will be launching another night of training classes! 

We've been trying to get "Tuesday Shooting"  back on the schedule for quite some time now. 

We recently held a series of Four (4) Super Tuesday Trainings and Coaching Clinics to kick of our 5G Basketball League at my church. They were so incredibly successful, it gave us the confidence to go ahead and lock in this additional night of training to give YOU - Our TDBA Members, an even better experience and greater opportunity to get in the gym, have fun and get better!  

We are making minor adjustments to the format of the class on Tuesday because the gym we've partnered with is so perfect, so big and so eager to have us in there. 

Change #1 - 90 Minute Class

We've decided to make the Tuesday Shooting Class longer. 

With this enhancement to the class, we feel we have: 

  • added even more value
  • will be able to run even more "Catch & Shoot" Drills
  • will be able to "Dribble Moves" and "Shooting Off the Dribble"
  • EXTRA SCRIMMAGE & End of Game Situations!

Change #2 - First Session at 6:00pm as Opposed to 5:30pm

We are always so gracious for the feedback we get from our parents. Many have told us that 5:30pm is a tight squeeze and that you don't want to miss the very beginning of the class when I share my "pre-session wisdom" with the kids :) Well, let's just say, I'm probably not as smart of you think I am.. and I know for 100% certainty, I'm not as smart as I think I am... 😂🤣

But I do have an extraordinary amount of real life experience and specialized knowledge about that game of basketball that I'm thrilled to share with our kids!

We will keep the 5:30pm start time for Wednesday. 

FULL 52 Week Schedule > https://teddydupay.com/classes/programs/individual-classes

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