Feb 02, 2022

TDBA -Basketball Leagues For Kids in Tampa - Launching 2022 Season (Schedule Included)

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Teddy Dupay

Let's start with how excited we are for this year's leagues and camps! Below you will find the upcoming schedule but I feel it's important to explain what makes TDBA different and dare I say, BETTER!

I/ We are huge supporters and proponents of anything that helps kids. All Youth Sports Leagues are great, for what they are. Kids play some games, have a few practices and maybe, just maybe, they even have a coach who understands a tiny bit about basketball or the respective sport. If a young player is REALLY LUCKY, they will even have a volunteer coach that knows how to teach the basics and fundamentals. If your child wins the lottery, you'll draw a coach who knows how to teach these things to children and doesn't coach "daddy ball" where there is only 1 player on the team that matters and the rest are supporting cast.


And if you get a good coach, then there are the problems of playing time or getting the ball.

-50% or half of a 20-24 minute game is barely adequate exercise.

-Most games in a total blowout and the clock is never stopped. The skill discrepancy is overwhelming and eliminates any hope of fun competition.

-Seasons run on too long

-Special rules are put in (NOT REAL BASKETBALL) such as no stealing or no traveling or no double dribbling. How does this help a kid learn the basics?

The "real life lessons" learned from sports are well, real. Much like real life, the only way to learn how to "not get the ball stolen from you".... is to have the ball stolen from you. It then falls on the coach to teach how to protect the ball properly or on an even more basic level, teach a child how to avoid becoming discouraged when things don't go their way.

What a beautiful way to teach a young person how to deal with temporary defeat or adversity, by creating some mental adversity, with low to zero actual consequence in the big picture.

I've even seen players told not to "play hard" against the other kids so they don't hurt their feelings. To me, this is doing children an incredible disservice and is why we have created a fun environment where kids can:

-learn the basics of basketball from an expert and how to play the game "THE RIGHT WAY"

-play against similar skilled, sized and experienced players

-play 40+ minute games

-no volunteer coaches or refs. All TDBA Leagues have 100% professional paid and trained TDBA Coaches and referees. Not that we don't love volunteers because we do. But you usually get what you pay for.

With all the good that comes with your typical "cookie cutter" league or camp, there is always the exact same complaints from parents and a void that just can't be filled with the old system. TDBA was created for this very purpose. To be better and to give parents and players exactly what you want, a better option.


2022 LEAGUE & CAMP SCHEDULE (Through June) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW SCHEDULE ON www.TeddyDupay.com

5on5 Friday Night League - Begins February 11 - CLICK HERE

Spring Break Basketball Camp - March 14-16 - CLICK HERE

3on3 Developmental League - Begins March 26 - CLICK HERE

5on5 Spring Basketball League - Begins April 29 - CLICK HERE

All- Girls Basketball League - Begins April 30 - CLICK HERE


TIP OFF Summer Camp - May 31-June 3 - CLICK HERE

7th Annual ALL-GIRLS Basketball Camp - June 13-16 - CLICK HERE

#1 Shooting Camp in USA! (Ages 12 & Below) - June 20-23 - CLICK HERE

THESE EVENTS CAN ALL BE FOUND / SIDE BY SIDE... with more details at


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