Apr 17, 2020

Five (5) Phases of Growth in the Evolution of Basketball Players

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Teddy Dupay

Five (5) Phases of Growth in the Evolution of a Basketball Player

PHASE #1. Pick up the Ball - Have Fun

  1. Make Friends
  2. Recess or Neighborhood Play
  3. Making 1 Shot is Amazing - Missing 50 Shots Doesn’t Matter
  4. Pure Joy in Trying

PHASE #2. Willing to Change 

  1. Learn What Works and What Doesn’t
  2. Know You’ve Made a Mistake When You Make One
  3. Learn the Basic Rules (2pts/ 3pts - 1pt Free Throw - Fouls - Double Dribble/ Traveling ect.)
  4. Accepts Coaching and is Excited About Receiving Coaching/ Learning New Things

PHASE #3. Desire to Improve 

  1. Train Intentionally - Develop Habits Intentionally - Desire to Practice
  2. Learn From Mistakes & Temporary Failures - Grows Because of them
  3. Bread and Butter Identified - Work on Certain Shots or Moves on Own Time
  4. Time Spent Alone - Emulate Your Favorite Players
  5. Develop a Style
  6. Learn Basic Strategy - Cardinal Rules or Intangible Plays

PHASE #4. Understand Flow of the Game - Basketball IQ

  1. Adopts Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Mindset
  2. Makes “Good” =“Better” / Makes “Better” = “Best” - Learn From Successes
  3. Plays to Strengths
  4. Significantly Impact the Outcome of Games with Ball in Hand 
  5. Winning Becomes Important - Losing Stings Due to Commitment & Effort & Time Invested into Winning
  6. Anticipate Flow of the Game -  Not just focused on current play.  Can play in the present subconsciously but think ahead to create advantageous situations 
  7. React to an Opponent Properly - as They Make Adjustments, so do You
  8. Adjust Based on Variables (refs, foul trouble, shot not falling) 
  9. Make Good Decisions as a Habit- 
  10. High Basketball IQ - Rarely Makes the Wrong “silly” Play

PHASE #5. Student of the Game - 

  1. Leadership Becomes Invaluable Skill
  2. Make others around you better - 
  3. Can Impact the Game on a Variety of Levels/ With our Without Ball in Hand
  4. Training in Weight Room Necessary
  5. Film Study Mandatory - Specific Strategy Based on Opponent 
  6. Defeats People Who are Better, Bigger, Stronger and Faster than You. 
  7. A Coaches Priority is Now Winning - Coaches are Professionals (get paid) 

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