Detailed Explanation & Guide For Parents -  How TDBA Memberships Work
Jan 10, 2023

How It Works - Parent's Guide for TDBA Membership Programs

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Teddy Dupay

Welcome to TDBA! We have a really incredible thing happening at TDBA right now and It's exciting you are showing interest. We've put together some basic info for you to help answer some of the most common questions we've answered in the past.

Our #1 Goal at TDBA to "get better everyday" becoming better basketball players as well as better people.

Our Mission is to help kids thrive.

Our Vision is to create a positive, supportive culture where kids can make friends, build confidence, and be comfortable making and learning from mistakes.

Our Secret? FUN is #1!

At TDBA, we offer a range of membership options to fit the needs and schedules of our players. Our memberships are designed to give you 100% flexibility and convenience, with no contracts required. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time with a simple text or email.

We've made things "as simple as possible" for you!



One of our most popular membership options is the Unlimited Membership, which gives you access to unlimited training sessions for just $245 per month. This is a fantastic value, as you'll save over 90% and up to $2563 per month compared to paying for individual sessions at $39 each. That's under $5 per class! This membership is ideal for those who are most serious about results and want to fully immerse themselves in the TDBA experience.


We also offer a Family Unlimited Membership for siblings, which allows two players to train for just $295 per month. This is an even greater value, with a discount of nearly 94% and savings of up to $5316 per month. A third player can be added for just $50 more.


For players / families with extra busy schedules who want less frequency, we offer The Committed Membership, which includes 10 sessions per month for a discounted rate of $179/ per month - Save 54% or $211 per month

This is a great option for those who want to train regularly but still have the flexibility to spread their sessions out over the month or do multiple sessions per day.


Finally, The Momentum Membership includes any 5 sessions per month for a discounted rate of $118 per month. This is a good option for players who want to train on a weekly basis or do all their sessions in one week.

To sign up for a TDBA Membership, simply visit our website and choose the option that's right for you.

Once you're a member, you don't need to sign up again or RSVP for individual sessions - just show up to the classes you want to attend, and we'll track your attendance at the gym.


CLICK to VIEW 52 Week Training Class Schedule


  • Wide range of membership options to fit your needs and schedule
  • Unlimited, Family Unlimited, Committed, and Momentum memberships available
  • Unlimited and Family Unlimited memberships offer the best value and the most savings
  • Flexibility to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time, with no contracts
  • Over 50-60 classes per month, held Thursday through Saturday, 52 weeks a year
  • Fun, positive environment where kids can make friends, build confidence, and learn from mistakes while learning to play basketball the right way
  • No need to sign up or RSVP, just show up to the classes you want to attend
  • Opportunity to save over 90% and up to $5316 per month with the Family Unlimited Membership
  • Flexibility to spread out sessions over the course of the month or use them all in one week with the Committed and Momentum memberships

Below is a Video Explainer for All of TDBA Delivery Systems and Protocols. CLICK HERE >

HERE are the Membership Discount Programs Side By Side Comparison >

Thank you for considering TDBA Trainings! We hope to see you on the court soon.

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