Oct 15, 2019

5 things to avoid when coaching kids.

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Teddy Dupay
  1. Assume they already know the basics - They don't! Even if they do, you can never over practice the basic fundamentals. Sharpening a sword is not a one time thing. We have to sharpen skills and fundamentals at every opportunity.
  2. Expect kids to execute plays - Plays and execution are difficult. There is nothing wrong with teaching "Pick & Roll", "Give & Go", Numbered Break and Out of Bounds Plays. We encourage this development of Basketball IQ. Just don't expect execution. This is the hardest part of the game at the highest levels too!
  3. Devalue Winning - We keep score because winning is important. Playing your hardest to try and win is critical, especially when we are over matched and success seems less likely. WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING!! Trying our best , no matter what is. If we tell kids that "Winning isn't important" simply to save their feeling because we think they will lose, its not a good thing.
  4. Have kids standing around - Get them active! Get a ball in their hands! Sometimes there are lines in drills. Sometimes there will be kids on the side. Do your best to keep them active and doing something at all times with the ball. There is only one way to get good at any motor skill, repeat repeat repeat! Every single bounce of the ball will make a kid a better ball handler.
  5. Progress not Perfection - Yes - Our saying is Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. WHat we really strive for is an effort to make each instant of practice productive. We don't want kids to think it's ok to practice at one speed and expect success in the games while going at another. We have a strong belief in fundamentals. If any player can learn the basic fundamentals properly, their ceiling of how good they can actually be someday goes up. WAY UP! This is why our #1 GOAL at TDBA is so Simple - Get Better everyday. If we can stay the course and continue to get better daily, even if just a little bit, in the long run, we will get a whole lot better!

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