Apr 15, 2020

Tips - To Get More Shots Off

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Teddy Dupay

How do I score more points?

How do I improve my scoring average?

How can I become a better scorer?

Of the numerous questions I get, increasing scoring has to be near the top of the list. The obvious answer is to put the ball in the basket more often, become a better shooter and improve the quality of practice routines.

But there is a more obvious answer that will work IMMEDIATELY and FOREVER....


It's going to be very difficult (impossible) to average 15ppg-20ppg if you only take 5 shots a game. In Friday's webinar, we discussed a handful of ways to find more shots on the court while staying in the flow of the game. I know this stuff works. I didn't average 42ppg by shooting all 3's. The Tips & Secrets in this video training will help you improve your scoring, expand your basketball IQ and more importantly, will make anyone a more effective player on the court in a variety of way.

I hope you enjoy learning & watching (and SHARING) as much as I enjoy creating, explaining and sharing with you.

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