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Aug 28, 2023

3v3 TDBA: A Revolutionary Basketball League for Kids - 3on3 Developmental League - Teddy Dupay Basketball Academy

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Teddy Dupay
3on3 TDBA - Developmental League Tampa's Best Basketball League for Kids!

FULL COURT 3-on-3 Basketball League (Short Courts)

League Overview

We are 3on3 TDBA, Tampa's Best Basketball League for Kids ages 4-17, offering a revolutionary 3-on-3 full court basketball format with 5 age and skill divisions. We have no volunteer coaches and prioritize fun! Join us and have a great time while getting better at the Teddy Dupay Basketball Academy!

Suitable for All Skill Levels

We're offering the TDBA #3on3 Developmental League for all skill levels and ages! With five divisions, everyone can find a competitive environment suited to their experience. Our unique format and scoring system will help your player have fun, build confidence and get better! So whether you have an experienced player looking for a challenge, or a beginner ready to start in a cool league, this is the perfect option for you!

Boys and girls ages 4 and up are welcome!

Appropriate Competition

We've found a system & format that creates a more competitive, realistic and balanced game play experience for kids.

It also eliminates the dilemma of what to do when players don't show up.

A majority of youth games end with a running clock due to lopsided scores. To ensure a close, exciting score and development of a player's Basketball IQ, we use "Mini Games" . This ensures the game is always "on the line" and there won't be any demoralizing blowouts. This prevents wasting money and less realistic playing time for all.

Revolutionary Format & Rewards System

Players are rewarded and recognized for their team's success, rather than individual performance. Everyone is given a TDBA ID# and each game block consists of multiple mini-games that last 8-10 minutes each. At the end of each mini-game, players are given points based on their team's score.

HAVE FUN & Get Better at Teddy Dupay Basketball Academy!


Imagine TEAM ABC faces off against TEAM XYZ in a six-minute "Mini-Game." If TEAM ABC wins with a score of 11-9, here's what happens:

  • Each player on TEAM ABC receives 11 points individually (matching their team's score).
  • Each player on TEAM ABC receives 10 points individually (WIN BONUS)
  • Each player on TEAM XYZ gets 9 points individually (matching their team's score).
  • * when a player's team wins a "Mini-Game," each individual player on that winning team receives a bonus of 10 points.

So, for this example, players on TEAM ABC earn a total of 21 points each (11 points for their team's score + 10 bonus points), while players on TEAM XYZ accumulate 9 points each.

Resetting for More Fun & Fair Play

After every "Mini-Game," the scores are documented and recorded and the clock and score reset. This means that after each Mini-Game, players could ask for a rematch or teams can be scrambled.

Game-Blocks are used to ensure all combinations have players of similar skills and abilities.

Beginners (BRAND NEW) Welcome!


SCORING EXAMPLE #2 Scoring Example #2

Now let's consider a different scenario. Player A is on a team with Players B and C, forming "TEAM-1."

On the other side, Player 1 is teamed up with Players 2 and 3, making up "TEAM-A".

" If "TEAM-1" wins with a score of 30-25:

  • Players A, B, and C all individually receive 40 points each (10 points for the win and 30 points for the team's score).
  • Similarly, Players 1, 2, and 3 each attain 25 points individually (matching their team's score).

Next Game Scenario(s)

To keep the excitement and challenge alive, the teams are shuffled after each Mini-Game. For instance, in the next game, you might see something like Players A, 2, and C on one team, facing off against Players 1, B, and 3 on the other. This dynamic team setup ensures that players experience a variety of combinations and challenges throughout the league.

By rewarding teamwork, balancing individual and team success, and constantly mixing up teams, the TDBA 3on3 Developmental League creates an environment that is competitive, fair, and truly focused on players' growth & development.

Many parents ask the same questions - FAQ

Q - What If my players has zero or very little experience?

A - The TDBA #3on3 Developmental League is perfect for ALL PLAYERS - ALL SKILL LEVELS.

With 5 different age and skill divisions, your player will be competing in an environment that is actually competitive.

Nobody wins when there is no hope of success. Our unique format and scoring system will have your player motivated to improve and pursue their true potential. 

Whether you have a seasoned veteran looking for an enhanced way to hone their skills or your player is playing in a league for the first time, our league is the best option imaginable.

Q - Are Leagues for Boys and Girls and what is the youngest age allowed to participate?


Q - How are teams picked?

A - Week #1 is always broken down by AGE ONLY - After Week #1, we evaluate and break down the groups to ensure all players are competing and playing against similar sized, experienced and skilled players. After week #1, you are assigned a "GAME-BLOCK" which is your game time for every week for the remainder of the season , providing maximum simplicity. The week #1 game times will be posted here ( ON SLACK PRIVATE CHANNEL) as we get closer games beginning. Depending on how many kids sign up, at different ages ect, will determine the times & groupings for week #1.

Q - Are there practice nights during the week or just games?

A - TDBA's bread and butter is the weekly training classes (52 weeks a year). These continue and run congruent with leagues (3on3 or 5on5).

We never stop training classes. We do this all year. This is where most improving happens obviously due to consistency. Kids that want to do extra practice would attend the regularly scheduled training classes, but we do not carve out additional nights specifically for “league/team practices”.

We would always suggest coming to some training classes before a league to meet the coaches and make friends with some of the other kids.

  1. This helps eliminate any nerves or butterflies.
  2. It also allows us to get some basics tackled. If we can go through most basic rules, address some concepts for ball handling, ball security, layups and some easy shots, this too will add confidence. 

Q - "Is it better for my child to "train skills" or "play games"? The answer is BOTH!

A - Our Special Rules -AKA “BOOST SCORING” is used to incentivize specific techniques, skills or movements.  Each week, players will compete in at least one "Mini-Game" with a special "BOOST SCORING". This forces players to think about the situations of the game in a more deliberate way while developing effective habits on the basketball court.

By rewarding good habits with real points, we’ve found a way to choose training and skill development while continuing to compete in game play with an opponent & scoreboard. Everyone loves to play games and until now, travel basketball, despite the lopsided scores and lack of structure has been the best option. Now TDBA Members have an additional, far less expensive, option for playing games. 

Q - Who are the coaches?

A - TDBA Coaches will be on the court, reffing and coaching the games. In leagues at the YMCA or other recreational environments, the coaches are usually volunteer parents. While we love and appreciate volunteers, the coaching and instructions leaves much to be desired. Players walk away from the league experience learning very little about the ins and outs of basketball and unfortunately sometimes even learn the wrong things. 

100% of all "GAME BLOCK" and "MINI-GAMES" will provide each child with Elite, World Class Coaching! 

We would not get legal advice from our doctor, no matter how nice and successful they are. 

Volunteer parents do the best they can. TDBA coaches give the best there is. 

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