Jan 04, 2020

Three (3) Keys to Being a Great Basketball Shooter

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Teddy Dupay

The 3 Keys To Being A Great Shooter... (or to be great at anything)

1. Fundamentals 

Form, Technique, Follow- Through, Rotation, Arc & Repetition.   All the things you can read in books or learn from someone who might not necessarily be a great shooter. These are constants. Even though having these things does not guarantee you will be a great shooter, not having them guarantees you won't be.

LIFE LESSON - Do not overlook the basics. Skipping the foundational steps will prevent dreams from coming true. Fundamentals are what makes big futures possible.

2. Mindset

I love baseball.  I have heard at least a million times, "if you fail 7 out of 10 times in baseball, you will go to the Hall of Fame".  This is true. In basketball, when you fail HALF the time, you are considered outstanding. As a matter of fact, from the 3 point line, if you can shoot 40% you are considered extraordinary. With that said, I’ve never met a great shooter that doesn't expect to make every single shot we take.  

LIFE LESSON- You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. You have to take a shot to make a shot. Never live in the past or worry about the last miss, or 2 or 10. You have to focus on the next shot. The next play. Be in the moment. Your mindset has to be one of "Hey, no matter what happened in the past, I have to be confident moving forward"

3. Philosophy- "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"

Well know the old saying... "Practice Makes Perfect". I disagree.

Practice Makes Permanent. If you practice the wrong things, the wrong way, you will get really really good at the wrong things. We see this with so many kids. Parents watch their child practice 2-3-4 hours a day and then don't make the team. If you are searching for an answer to "WHY" this is, now you have it.

LIFE LESSON - There are no secrets to becoming an expert at anything. The 10,000 Hour Rule is ALWAYS in effect.  But to be a great shooter, it requires more than "practice". You must perform "PERFECT PRACTICE" and continue to be...

  1. Disciplined/ Committed
  2.  Focused
  3.  Determined
  4.  Persistent
  5.  Enthusiastic

and this list can go on and on. These are not character traits that any of us are simply born with. We have to Practice these things and not just go through the motions. It’s about PERFECT PRACTICE. 

Whether its school work, relationships, our jobs, our families, our Faith or our futures, its critical that we develop the habit of DOING OUR BEST... ALL THE TIME! Through sports, at TDBA, kids learn the things the can help them become the best people, players and leaders they can possible become. This is why I love what we are doing at TDBA.  TDBA is #BIGGERthanBasketball. This is real life and I'm Thankful to be in this position to help you and your kids!!!

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