Dec 17, 2019

The Most Important Skill in Basketball

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Teddy Dupay

What is the "Most Important Skill in Basketball"?


We teach kids "HOW" to Listen and "WHY" it’s so important.  We create and environment and an atmosphere where the kids "WANT" to Listen because we've emphasized that "LISTENING is the ONLY way they will ever reach their goals". Developing a better JUMPshot™️, higher Basketball IQ or even devastating Dribble Moves is always the result of great Listening!

  • We Listen with Our Eyes. 
  • We hear with our ears but "We Listen with Our Eyes".  Even if a kid only comes to one TDBA Session, they will understand the importance of looking someone in the eye when talking with them as well as the importance of a firm handshake and smile.
  • The Golden Rule
  • "Treat other people the way you want to be treated...aka, "The Golden Rule"- If you want someone to Listen to you when you talk, then listen to others.
  • Respect
  • We all want to be respected. Kids want to be respected.  I lay it out for our kids like this, “To get respect, give respect and BE RESPECTABLE” 
  • Looking someone in the eye when they are talking is a great sign of respect, confidence and a life skill that's absolutely necessary.
  • Learn Constantly 
  • Smart people learn from their own mistakes.  Successful people learn from other people's mistakes.  The only way to learn from others (what to do and what NOT to do) is to have your eyes open and be "Listening" to the clues around us.

What kids receive at TDBA is #BIGGERthanBasketball! We've created a culture of excellence and everyone is getting better because of it!

Our Mission is to Help Kids Create Positive #MOMENTUM in the Lives and Our Kids are THRIVING!

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